Monitor cylinder lube oil consumption?


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Cylinder lube oil consumption is one of the most overlooked consumers in fleet performance management.

Over-lubrication does not only directly impact your profit and loss it also has a negative technical impact on your equipment. As an example, excess lubrication oil causes pollution, cylinder liner wear, piston rings sticking which causes combustion gas blow by and loss of fresh un-used lubrication oil.

On the other hand, if too little lubrication oil is injected in the cylinders, the engine is naturally in danger of overheating and wear that can result in expensive stoppage time. The process of constantly monitoring the lube oil consumption is therefore important in order to lower cost and avoid breakdowns.

With Coach Solutions Specific Cylinder Lube Oil Consumption module, you can monitor the lube oil consumption of your entire fleet, against average ME Load and over time also comparing sister vessels against each other. Examples of savings potential up to USD 1,200 per month is not uncommon.


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