Avoid surprises when you estimate time and consumption for a voyage with Weather Factor.

No more assumptions.

Many commercial shipping departments still use a flat weather factor in their upcoming voyage estimates, typically 10%, regardless of the time of year or the part of the world.

This will almost always not reflect expected conditions but is typically a result of not having a better method of estimation or a way to keep estimates conservative.


Accurate estimates.

Using an accurate estimate for the weather factor instead of a standard value is one of the most effective ways of improving the accuracy of the overall voyage estimate.

You reduce the risk, and make commercial departments better able to make right decisions when selecting cargoes and vessels.

Historical weather.

Weather Factor is calculated by combining our proprietary route optimization algorithm with historical maritime weather from the last 11 years and our large database of vessel models.

This allows the user to in an instance calculate the weather factor for a given vessel size on a given route with unprecedented accuracy.

Weather factor based on 11 years historical data.

We created a tool, that allows you to look up the weather factor based on 11 years of historical data and work with ship models and weather routing.

All you need is ports and dead weight tonnage and you will immediately see the result.

Reduce risk when selecting cargoes and vessels with Weather Factor

Differentiates between eco-speed and full speed.

Based on 10 years of historical data, ship models, and weather routing.

Instantaneously calculate weather factor for route, time of year and vessel size.

Uses our advanced route calculation algorithm combined with historical weather and naval architecture-based vessel models.

Possibility to integrate to VMS using API connections.


With our advanced weather routing solution, you will always know your vessel’s current performance. In real-time.

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