What if the fuel consumption on one of your vessels could be reduced without losing any speed?

Wouldn’t you want to know? Let Valid Performance help.

Regardless of whether your vessel is brand-new or has sailed a thousand seas. If it is at sea, there is always room for improvement. Valid Performance analyzes the daily fuel consumption, distance sailed speed, and engine power output, and clearly points out where resources should be focused in order to optimize your fleet.

Every aspect onboard your vessel is covered. From hull and propeller fouling to crew behavioral performance.

Fouling of the hull and propeller is the most common culprit behind excess consumption and speed loss. Identifying it quickly and reliably is the single most important factor in running your fleet sustainably and with maximal profit.

Make it effortless to identify and quantify speed loss.

Valid Performance makes it effortless to identify and quantify speed loss and excess consumption. It provides you with the required tools to turn data into actionable insights.

We provide you with the data to benchmark against optimal performance. The Valid Performance solution compares the vessel´s actual performance with its ideal performance and quantifies the difference. To do so, we combine our Valid Data noon reports with Sat-AIS and hindcast weather data and compare them with our Naval Architecture-based digital twin models.

This will enable you to instantly know if any vessels in your fleet have the potential for improvement. You will also always know the actual speed and consumption profile of all your vessels.

Valid Performance

Always up to date speed/consumption table

With Valid Performance your fuel tables will always be up to date. Our continuous performance monitoring and validated fuel models ensure that you can always extract the current speed and consumption profile for all your vessels.

The figures are validated and continuously updated by our team of Naval Architects.

So, whether you are planning the next voyage or preparing terms for a TC out, you can trust that you are basing it on current figures.

Why choose Valid Performance

Hull and propeller fouling advisory

Always know which vessels are due for cleaning and stop relying on fixed schedules and a false sense of security.

Weekly feedback report to vessels

Engage the crew with weekly feedback report detailing the past week’s performance and comparisons with sister vessel fleet.

Updated speed/consumption tables

Always know the actual speed and consumption profile of your vessel in the full operational profile.


Monthly performance meeting

Implement performance culture in your organization through monthly performance meetings with one of our performance experts.

We go through any action items identified and help you coordinate corrective action between relevant stakeholders.

Efficient running of machinery

Reliable performance indicators on aux engine and boiler operations, and lubrication of main engine cylinders. Simple main engine performance monitoring and comparison with shop test.



Automatic calculation of emissions numbers for CII, EU-MRV, IMO DCS and more, ready to send to your verifier. Our calculations are verified by a 3rd party.

Emission Calculations

Automatically integrated with all our solutions

Emission calculations are integrated with all our solutions, so you can always calculate emissions figures and predictions for your fleet.

The calculations are based on our Valid Data, ensuring high data quality and consistency.

We serve all your emissions reporting needs and offer verified solutions for CII, MRV, DCS, and much more. 

Read more about Emissions

Monthly Performance Meetings

We will do it all for you

Together with our Customer Success Team, you will once a month get a detailed brief and walkthrough of your entire fleet.

Here they will point out where you need to take action to be able to optimize your fleet so that you can use your resources on the right measurements.