Get a full overview over your emissions data

Emissions management

Noon reporting software with rigorous validations ensures accurate vessel data.

Emissions reports and analyses on demand.

This includes EEOI, AER, EU MRV, UK MRV, IMO DCS, CII and EU ETS.

Full support to vessel crew, provided by ex-masters and chief engineers.


EU ETS reporting

Get a full overview over your fleet and see the impact on every planned voyage with a CO2 allowance.

Emissions optimization

Performance monitoring to minimize emissions.

Includes hull and propeller fouling advisory, efficient running of machinery.

Optimize your voyages using our validated fuel models and advanced algorithms.

CII and EU ETS prediction for each voyage.

Emissions data flow

Direct integration to verification partners.

Delivering data to your 3rd party verifier – continuously or on-demand.

No in-house middlemen.

Transparent and trustworthy emissions reporting for owner and charterer.

Contact us and we´ll get your setup ready for 2024

In January 2024 the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) will include commercial shipping sailing to, from and within the European Economic Area.

In addition, and applicable to all vessels on international trade, CII data must be calculated and reported to the Data Collection System (DCS) by the 31st of March 2024 for the year 2023.

We help you to navigate the regulations and adapt to the effects these new requirements will have on your daily operations.

We also provide tools that shed some light on how your decisions affect the environmental impact on your whole fleet and voyages.

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