“Being able to operate our vessels more efficiently allows us to reduce expenses while also demonstrating a more climate responsible mindset”.

Peter Norborg, CEO


Whether you are a vessel operator, a performance manager or a management representative, we offer solutions that reduce your workload, while saving time and energy.





Our solution for Weather Routing gives Vessel Operators the ability to both plan and activate voyages directly through the COACH Online platform.

COACH Online enables us to monitor that your vessels are reporting correctly, and it gives you a live view of your vessels’ position.

We constantly ensure that your vessels maintain their ETA or fuel consumption at any given voyage, and we deliver noon-reports directly to your inbox, so you can dedicate more of your time to operating your vessels.

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The solution Vessel Performance gives Performance Managers a¬†thorough insight into the vessels’ performance, specifically in regards to the hull and propeller, as well as main and auxiliary engines.

Our team of Vessel Performance Analysts will complete monthly reviews for each of your vessel, and will discuss the findings with you.

Using COACH Vessel Performance will provide you with the necessary tools to concentrate on improving your fleet’s performance.

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Our solutions enable your employees to dedicate time on what matters the most. They should not worry about data quality or reporting from the vessels. Let us take care of that.

COACH Solutions’ Noon-reporting, Vessel Performance & Voyage Optimization allow you to allocate time more efficiently, while achieving larger fuel savings.

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