Voyage Optimization in 45 seconds

AVAILABLE ON COACH ONLINE. COACH Voyage Optimization is available on COACH Online, giving you the option to create a voyage in just five minutes. Should you require any assistance, you can contact us for any inquiry.

CONSTANT MONITORING. We monitor each of your vessels continuously and we will inform you and the vessel if we observe any changes to your predicted route. Our system automatically calculates if your vessels are on-ETA or on-consumption, and generates an alert enabling you to take action in due time.

RELIANCE ON PERFORMANCE MODELS. Given our vast experience with Vessel Performance, we exploit our knowledge to predict the best voyage for your vessels, which leads to additional savings in both fuel and time.

WEATHER FORECAST. We forward updated weather forecasts to your vessels every day.

What's included in COACH Voyage Optimization?

  • Weather Routing to create and calculate voyages directly on COACH Online
  • Automatic Monitoring of active voyages with daily re-calculation
  • Voyage Assessment Report delivered directly in your inbox
  • Unlimited Voyages per year
  • COACH Online access with live data and unlimited users
  • Weather forecast forwarded directly to your vessels
  • MRV dataset as a collection of all MRV-related figures and generation of dataset – ready for submission
  • Position overview with hourly sat-AIS for all vessels
  • Support available 7 days a week
  • Noon-Reporting module, read more about it here.
  • Unlimited Email Notifications to receive noon reports directly in our inbox
  • Charter Party Monitoring Daily overview of all your vessels C/P deviation
  • Hurricane Warnings for all vessels
  • & much more, contact us for a full list


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