This Support and Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is applicable to Customers who have a valid Subscription Agreement, governed by the Coach Solutions Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”), for access to Coach Services. Maintenance and support shall be provided as described herein, to maintain the Coach Services in good working order.

Capitalized terms shall have the meanings set forth in the Terms of Use, or in the section where they are first used herein. In the event of conflict between this SLA and the Subscription Agreement, the latter shall prevail.


Coach is committed to providing high quality and secure services to its Customers and will make its best efforts to ensure 24/7 availability of the services. Service level objectives provide a quantitative measure of the level of services.


The service level objective for Coach Services is to achieve a minimum of 98% availability, measured yearly. Coach will conduct system maintenance to ensure the achievement of this objective. Maintenance might result in service downtime. Downtime because of system maintenance is not included in the calculation of the availability metric.

For additional information on availability, system maintenance and downtime please visit the definition section of this document.


Coach Support and Advisory Team can be contacted 7 days a week via:

3.1  Coach Support and Advisory Team provides support to identify problems, suggest actions and categorize Customer requests as either a “defect”, a “change request” or “other”.

3.2. For “defects” an incident is raised, and a priority (1, 2 or 3) is assigned. The priority of a support request is based on the degree to which the reported problem impedes the use of Coach services. “Change requests” or “other” (requests) are assigned priority 3 by default.

The following response and resolution objectives have been defined based on incident priority:

Business days are defined as working days in Denmark, excluding any Danish public holidays. Business hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm CEST/CET.

Customer shall respond promptly, and in any case, within five (5) working days, to Coach’s request to provide direction, information, approvals, or authorizations that are reasonably necessary for Coach to resolve reported issues. All resolution times set forth herein are always subject to Customer’s prompt reply to Coach’s requests and inquiries.


Coach warrants that the Coach Services shall be available in accordance with the service level objectives above. Coach’s responsibility is limited to the Coach Service.

This warranty shall not include any service unavailability during scheduled or un-scheduled system maintenance or due to issues beyond the control of Coach such as but not limited to:

  • Interfaces provided by 3rd party suppliers.
  • Services that typically involve consultancy, remote configuration (2nd line support), remote training, remote supervision, modifications, etc. is NOT included in the agreement and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Speed or reliability of the internet connection by which the end user is accessing the server.
  • Hardware, configuration and web browsers used by end-user to access service.
  • Security, firewall/proxy servers and other network components required to access the internet.
  • Performance level of the internet service provider that services the Customer and its Authorized Users.
  • Reliability and capacity of power supply.
  • Physical security controls.
  • Maintenance at the Customer’s site.



Coach does not accept responsibility for problems and damage related to the Customer’s IT infrastructure including but not limited to: workstations, network build and configuration, proxy server configuration, network performance or problems that are related to applications and equipment installed by the Customer. Customer is responsible for enabling and maintaining compatibility between the Customer’s own systems and electronic communication services used to access Coach Services.

Further, Coach does not accept responsibility for cybersecurity incidents within Customer-controlled infrastructures.


Coach may from time to time update this SLA which will be published on the privacy notice page.  When Coach changes this SLA in a material way, a notice will be sent to the email address of the business contact Customer has specified in the Subscription Agreement. It is the responsibility of the Customer to keep Coach updated on any changes to the Customer’s business contact. All updates to this SLA will take effect immediately following Coach’s email notification, and the continued use of Coach Services after such revisions will constitute Customer’s full acceptance of such changes. In the event a Customer finds that the changes have an adverse effect, the Customer shall notify Coach without undue delay. Should the Parties fail to reach an amicable resolution in thirty (30) calendar days, the Customer has the right to terminate the relevant Subscription Agreement.


System Maintenance: Planned maintenance performed during fixed periods (20:00-08:00 CET). During system maintenance, the service or parts of the service might not be available for use.  Customers are notified 1 week in advance of scheduled maintenance. Maintenance periods are subject to change and in case of unplanned maintenance Coach will do its best to notify Customer.

Customer Site Maintenance: During maintenance activities at the Customer’s site, the service or parts of the service might not be available for use.  The duration of Customer site maintenance is excluded from the availability metric for a particular Customer.

Availability: Amount of time the service is available for use by customers and users during a calendar month.  Availability or uptime is expressed as a percentage and is calculated as follows:

Downtime: Amount of time the service is not available for use by Customer and Authorized Users during a calendar month. Downtime is calculated as a percentage: Downtime = 100% – Availability.



Revised: 01.03.2024