100+ data quality checks for your reports

Developing a high quality reporting service has been one of our main priorities since the beginning. We offer high quality reports through our COACH Onboard platform, which can be easily installed onboard all of your vessels.

COACH Onboard enables you to carry out all relevant reports within one single program. Our comprehensive reporting tool collects data on matters such as cargo operations and weather. COACH Onboard offers you the possibility to add your clients to view specific reporting fields. In this way, the clients can unify all ship-to-shore reporting within one program. COACH Onboard can also export data to any third party service provider.

To guarantee the highest quality, we perform up to 100 data quality checks before the reports are sent out.

What's included in COACH Noon Reporting?

  • COACH Onboard installed on all vessels.
  • Support to make sure all vessels are reporting.
  • Customized reporting to be added to COACH Onboard if your vessels require specific parameters.
  • Position overview with hourly sat-AIS for all vessels.
  • COACH Online access with live data and unlimited users.
  • Unlimited Email Notifications to receive noon reports directly in our inbox.
  • Data Quality with up to 100 data quality checks before delivering data to you.
  • MRV dataset as a collection of all MRV-related figures and generation of dataset – ready for submission.
  • & much more, contact us for a full list.


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