5. October 2021 | Coach Solutions

Here at COACH Solutions, we are very proud of our most valuable and greatest asset – our employees. Without them – no COACH Solutions.

In today’s “Meet a COACH” interview we are literally flying green – and flying high! Filip Bojanowski, who is our Head of Software Development gives you some insight on some of his challenges here at COACH and then he has a pretty cool and “high-flying” passion….


Let us start with the basics, who are you?
My name is Filip, I am 34 years old and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been part of the COACH team since 2018.

What is your role here at COACH Solutions?
My official title is Head of Software Development. But even though I have a managerial position, I try to spend the majority of my time on developing new features and improving existing ones. My main task is pushing our product to new heights and ensuring that everything runs smoothly 24/7/365.

Tell us your “story” before joining COACH? What have you been doing?
I have a background as a software developer having only really worked at rapidly growing companies. I have worked on both large-scale software-as-a-service products that were business-to-business focused, and I have also worked with scalable solutions for business-to-customer. I also have a degree in computer science from the University of Copenhagen. Even though I have a theoretical background I really found my calling writing and building software that has a real world impact.

Why did you join COACH?
Primarily I really liked the green impact that COACH Solutions would have – and has had – on the world. I have always been drawn to tough and complex problems. It really felt like a good fit for me to join COACH, and I have not regretted it since. It feels great to be part of a smart and tightly knit team!

Can you take us through a typical day for you here at COACH Solutions?
A typical day for me usually involves helping out in the development team wherever I can. It can be anything from discussing new product features to doing pair programming on complex code that turns ideas into reality. I also have some administrative tasks and you might also meet me in talks with clients when there are technical subjects that need covering. Day-to-day I prioritize being very hands-on with our systems, so I really have a feel of the COACH machinery.

Describe yourself as a person in a few words?
Curious, humorous, and laid-back.

What motivates and drives you – both in your professional and private life?
I enjoy doing things that are tough to do! The best way to get my attention is to show me something that I cannot figure out immediately. Basically, I like being challenged by the things I spend my time on.

Tell us what you are doing after “punching out” or during the weekends?
At work I look towards the “sea”, but privately I look at the sky! I am a pilot and I love flying in my spare time. I fly both small powered planes but my heart is really in flying gliders without engines. I love flying long distances as fast as possible using only the power of the wind and the weather. The last couple of years I have been part of the Danish National Gliding Team, and have participated in European and World Championships as a representative for Denmark.




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COACH Solutions are opening offices in Singapore and Athens

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Why is weather routing so important?

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Kongsberg Digital acquires COACH Solutions

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Monitor Cylinder lube oil consumption

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COACH Solutions releases IMO 2020 module

COACH Solutions releases IMO 2020 module COACH Solutions have, in close cooperation with our dedicated clients, developed a simple overview to help operators manage the increasing demands posed by the 2020 global Sulphur Cap. In short, it gives the operator a constantly updated overview of which fuel types are on board the vessel, in which […]

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COACH Solutions launch updated web portal

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