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The new solution gives charterers the ability to calculate a forecasted CII rating for an upcoming voyage on any given vessel or cargo. This will become crucial when the CII regulations enters into force in January 2023. With this new tool charterers can get a head start on their evaluations.

The CII Forecast Calculator provides a quick comparison between different vessels or cargo options to give charterers data driven decision support.

The solution is user friendly and simple to use:

  • Select any given vessel(s)
  • Enter voyage data
  • Get the predicted CII rating


Reducing Carbon intensity. 

The solution is also one step further towards achieving the maritime industry goal of reducing carbon intensity of all ships set by the IMO. The CII Calculator will determine which of the selected ships will be the best choice. The new solution will enable COACH users to monitor and reduce carbon intensity.

Ranking vessels. 

The COACH Solutions CII Forecast Calculator is suitable both for ranking vessels already on the COACH platform but also for potential new vessels.

It has three great uses:



A sensitivity analysis of a typical voyage with a typical vessel can be made by entering the length of the sea passages and port stays as well as the daily consumption in each of these conditions.

By varying the speed, consumption or length of the port stay it becomes very clear which parameters have the largest impact on the CII rating. Studies made on this indicates that keeping a high activity level (reducing duration of port stays) has the highest impact on the CII rating.




Vessels options

A comparison between two or more vessel options for a certain cargo or voyage can be made by entering two vessels with different DWT and speed/consumption profiles on the same voyage parameters.

The vessel which can move the most cargo with the least CO2 emissions will get the best CII rating but having this calculator at hand will give you the result in an instance.

Cargo options

A comparison between two or more cargo options for a certain vessel can similarly be found by keeping the vessel parameters constant but varying the voyage inputs.

This can help reveal if a cargo, which looks like the most profitable one, is in fact much less ideal in terms of energy efficiency and may not be ideal to choose when CII becomes a determining factor from 2023.


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