FUEL CONSUMPTION. COACH helps calculate and analyze fuel stock by comparing bunkering information and fuel consumption. It estimates the remaining amount of fuel and provides daily reporting on any fuel stock deviation. COACH provides timely and accurate reporting with a full overview of fuel consumption and vessel performance.

REPORTING RESULTED IN SAVINGS. In early 2015, a 30.600 dwt bulk carrier had progressively reported negative fuel over a longer period. I.e. the fuel amounts reported to bunkering were not consistent with the calculations and analysis. After the reports from COACH, the operator decided to carry out a bunker survey and discovered that a total of 120 tons of excess fuel had been reported incorrectly. Based on the fuel prices at the time of the discovery, the value of the negative fuel was approximately 42,000 USD.

COACH VESSEL PERFORMANCE AS THE MONITORING SYSTEM. COACH Vessel Performance is an active, timely, diligent and trustworthy reporting tool that guarantees a greater perspective of the vessel’s performance and condition. COACH gives a true overview of the vessel’s resources, energy consumption and performance, enabling the ship operators to take better decisions. Read more about our Vessel Performance solutions.