Get your predictions right with CII Calculation


Transparency and Flexibility

Since IMO´s new CII regulations came into force on 1st January 2023 on reducing Carbon Intensity, it has made a big impact on the everyday life of charterers and shipowners.

And not without hassle and friction.

To create better collaboration between the different parties involved in Time Charter parties, you need the right tools that will provide transparency and flexibility for your commercial activities and when employing a ship. The reduction of carbon intensity is now a shared responsibility and contribution between charterers and shipowners.

To accommodate the commercial needs of both charterers and shipowners we have designed CII Forecast Calculator which enables you to calculate the CII rating during any stage from pre-fixture to after the voyage has been completed.

Calculate the CII impact

The CII Forecast calculator enables you to calculate and predict the CII rating for any vessel and voyage. This gives you the opportunity to choose the best capable vessel for the specific voyage.

Once the voyage is fixed, our Valid Voyage helps you determine the CII impact of each option for route and speed. This ensures that every voyage is optimized in terms of profitability and sustainability while making sure that the CII rating of the vessel stays above the desired level.

Finally, based on our Valid Data, we monitor the CII rating of your entire fleet during the year.

At any time, you can get a full overview with our CII dashboard, which shows both a fleet list and a timeline of CII development over time for each vessel.


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